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“They get it so right by asking more questions and staying close to the client to understand what they’re really looking for.“
Gerard – Head of Sales

Getting greater together

Saying that business services and office support professionals play a key role in organisations would be an understatement, with each and every role critical to streamlining processes and keeping the workplace running smoothly. Looking to hire a superstar admin? Or are you keen to hear about Sydney’s latest admin roles? As a specialist business support recruitment agency, WOW has your back. You see, we support the industry from A to Z – everything from data entry and customer support to EAs and office managers (both temporary and permanent). But that’s only the start.

We get your lingo

In short, our business services recruiters are 100% immersed in your world. Whether it’s finding Sydney’s administration heroes and heroines or connecting you with positions to level up your career, our team of WOWzers speak your lingo every day of the week. It’s just one of the reasons why people all across Sydney (and beyond) love working with us.

Not to brag but when it comes to business services and office support jobs, we’re especially good at:

  • Administrators
  • Receptionist
  • EAs
  • PAs
  • Finance Professionals
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Customer Support Staff
  • Business Support Staff

All about you, period

You could say we’re a bit different from most other office support recruitment agencies. From day one, we make it our mission to find out what really makes you or your organisation tick. It’s all about you – no ifs, buts or maybes. On the hunt for your next temp or perm move? Or perhaps you’re after Sydney’s best admin stars? From our HQ in the heart of the CBD, we’ve got all your admin recruitment madness sorted.

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