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Work at WOW

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Recruitment Expert | WOW Recruitment | Jobs Near Me | Jobs Available Near Me | Recruitment Agency Sydney
Recruitment Expert | WOW Recruitment | Jobs Near Me | Jobs Available Near Me | Recruitment Agency Sydney

Why start your recruitment career with WOW

What do you want? Have you ever been asked that by an employer who really meant it before? Welcome to WOW.

First things first – we really love what we do. And our consultants are like that too. Our passion fuels our work, inspires our days and pushes us to be better every day. It’s also at the very heart of our culture.

We believe in close collaboration – with everyone! We think together, play together and flourish together. Of course we work hard too, but at the same time we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in limitless potential – for WOW, our clients and our candidates. And that’s only possible if our consultants are flying high as well. We want to see how far you can go – and we’ll give you the support and resources to get there. Let’s go. Let’s craft your career together.

You to the power of WOW

It’s a time of great change for recruitment – as it is in many industries – with recruiters needing to adapt rapidly to changing client needs. But we see many struggling to keep pace and good talent becoming disillusioned. It’s time to get back the human connection.

At WOW we’ve always nurtured the soft skills that others are only just waking up to. Critical thinking, curiosity, great communication and empathy – when married to natural talent – are a compelling force that make a truly great workplace. That’s what working at WOW feels like – it’s a supportive, empowering, sky’s-the-limit kind of vibe where consultants and their input are truly valued.

We under-pin all of that with our thirteen-step Recruitment Happiness process that’s been developed to assist our consultants logically match clients and candidates as they move through it.

5 steps to recruitment happiness

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