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Meet the WOWzers

Emily McLeod

Co-Founder & Director

As one of the founders of WOW, Emily’s on an ongoing mission to prove that it’s possible for the recruitment process to make everyone happy – that’s clients, candidates and consultants! Business is about turning problems into opportunities and Emily thrives in that environment – she loves the ‘business of business’ and providing strategic direction to clients to help maximise their investment in their people. She’s also rapper Drake’s biggest fan, spends a lot of time doting on her dogs and is single-handedly responsible for the company-wide donut obsession.

Daniel Tonkin

Co-Founder & Director

Sports-mad Daniel is concerned that every team he supports tends to under-perform. With the exception of one – and that’s WOW! Starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 he has honed his professional game through his sales, marketing and recruitment businesses with great success. His pride and joy though (aside from West Tigers) is WOW and he takes immense satisfaction from its growth nationally and now internationally. Adventurous by nature, Daniel’s an adrenaline junkie and anxious to add to the 30 countries he has already visited. He is however prepared to be patient as he waits for Arsenal FC to win the Premier League again.

Arzum Shahettin

Recruitment Consultant

Self-confessed Seinfeld, fruit flan and Sydney Harbour Bridge obsessive, Arzum’s marketing background and experience in sales and internal recruitment make her a vital member of our team. She knows that building a workforce around a business’s team culture is vital to long term success. And that’s where one of her other obsessions kicks in – digging deeper to truly understand everyone’s story. Her experience then gives her the unique ability to view every candidate as both potential employee and possible colleague. That might be why her candidates tend to stay in touch throughout their career journey. Or maybe it’s the fruit flans?

Josh Sharpe

Recruitment Consultant

Josh’s favourite team (apart from the one at WOW of course) is the news crew from the film Anchorman. When he’s not quoting Ron Burgundy’s lines he’s a great listener – passionate about finding the best solution for his clients and candidates. Josh first started to learn about recruitment from the other side of the fence – as an employer building his own sales and marketing businesses. He’s methodical in his approach, endlessly enthusiastic and very knowledgeable – specifically about recruitment but he also keeps the rest of the team updated with the very latest nuggets of pop culture.

Allie McPhee

Recruitment Consultant

Allie's favourite team (apart from the one at WOW) is Harry, Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter books. We think it's the way the young wizards always have each other's backs that appeals to Allie because that's exactly the approach she takes to customer care and delivering for her clients. She finds it particularly magical when she's able to couple a great candidate with exactly the right business to take their career forward. Allie has a passion for professional and personal development and uses that to continually hone her skills as a specialist recruiter and maintain her in-depth market knowledge.

Jamie Hevia

Recruitment Coordinator

Rugby loving Jamie is a genuine people person with a 24/7 approach to his work. His clients are consistently impressed at how someone with so many live projects on the go is always on top of everything and available to help. He puts it down to having rock-solid systems in place – but being driven by a commitment to serve his clients and candidates certainly helps too. Jamie’s favourite TV show is Brooklyn 99. He likes the mix of eclectic personalities working together to get the job done. He says it reminds him of somewhere else…

Jessica Reyes

Recruitment Coordinator

Multitasker Jessica is greenbelt-trained in Lean Six Sigma, which gives her the edge when it comes to keeping her projects moving smoothly. But there’s also much more to her than that – creative, tenacious and with a deep work ethic, she attributes her strength of character to the Aunties she grew up with. Always keen to learn new things, Jessica is a great recruiter and a perfect fit for the WOW team. Away from the office she likes nothing better than to ‘relax’ by tackling larger DIY chores and house cleaning.

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