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At WOW Recruitment, we work to ensure that we give practical and clear information to all who are looking to use our service to gain new talent.

There will always be questions to ask if you haven’t used a recruitment agency before so we’ve provided some of our most common questions and answers for you below!

How do I choose a recruitment agency?

Choosing an agency that fits your criteria is the first thing to do. Not to brag, but we’re great at putting your hiring needs at the top of our priority list – plus, we’re awesome listeners! You need a recruitment agency who will listen to your needs and work with you on that. Our 5 Steps to Recruitment Happiness process can help you here.

Is it worth signing up for a recruitment agency?

At a first meeting, a recruitment agency cannot know everything about you. If you find a recruitment agency that is willing to ask you the right questions and listen to your needs then it’s always worth signing up.

A good recruitment agency will deliver the right candidates for the roles you have on offer. The recruitment agency that offers the WOW factor will go beyond that, ensuring that they listen to you, learn all about you and ensure that you feel supported in your hiring process.

What should I ask a recruitment agency?

When you speak to a recruitment specialist, you want to gauge whether they understand your industry and whether they have any related professional accreditation. Questions that you should ask include:

  • What is your candidate attraction methodology?
  • What screening process do you have in place?
  • What selection process do you use?

If you have other questions for our recruiters, we’d be more than happy to answer them for you!

What makes a great recruitment agency?

A great recruitment agency works hard to understand your business needs. Working with you, they will learn the ins and outs of your brand, listen to your business requirements and if they are a subject matter expert in their field, you’re onto a winner.

At WOW Recruitment, we offer our 5 steps to Recruitment Happiness process that ensures that you feel supported in hiring new team members. We concentrate on finding people, not profiles, and that human element is often something that’s missing

What should you look for when using a recruitment agency?

There are many advantages to selecting the right recruitment agency. One of which is connecting you with a talent pool of active candidates. Another is being able to source talent who would be a cultural fit your business. Good recruiters work hard to understand your business and network with talent to suit your needs.

At WOW Recruitment, we dive deeper into learning about you. We want to know what makes you tick, the type of people you want working with you and learn all about how you do what you do. After all, how can we help your business to thrive unless we understand you?

How much should you pay a recruitment agency?

The fee you will pay a recruitment agency is always negotiated at the very beginning. The recruiters you work with are paid a base salary by the agency, and then a commission is made when candidates are placed. This is paid by the employer as a percentage of the employee’s wage.

How should a recruiter talk to a candidate?

Recruiters are business matchmakers: they put enthusiastic candidates and their CVs in front of eager employers looking for the best. Before they call candidates, recruiters need to know the ins and outs of the job as well as your business so that they can show the candidates that the job is a good fit.

On top of this, recruiters need to know the candidates’ motivations for moving into a new role in the first place and determine the employee value proposition (EVP). Recruiters control the conversation and ask insightful and helpful questions to create that new relationship between candidate and employer.

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