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If you know, you know

Let’s start with what we do know – recruiting the very best people is critical for you. Time is money and hiring the wrong person is painful. We also know that – talent and skillsets aside – finding cultural fit in candidates is vital.

What we don’t profess to know on first meeting is everything about your organisation and your wider aspirations for the role. Sure we carry out extensive research but we also need to ask the right questions to make sure we nail the cultural fit. We would rather take a little time to dig a bit deeper, get the fuller picture and find out what really makes your place tick. That way we have a better picture of the best kind of person to fit into it.

Not to brag, but we’re especially good at…

Sales and Account


Contact Centre and
Customer Service




Why it works

It comes down to asking the right questions, listening intently and doing our own research. Only then can we introduce you to candidates that fit. A sharper brief narrows the field so don’t expect a flood of resumés.

We’re in the people business and a great process and service will come up short when you forget to think like a human. We use clever searches, smarter media and our carefully crafted networks to reach beyond the candidates who are out there looking to find the people who didn’t know they needed finding.

We underpin that with rigorous scrutiny — references, skills, psychometrics and criminal record checks. And at the end of the process we’ll protect your employment brand by managing unsuccessful candidates with empathy and respect. And this is all backed by our thirteen-step Recruitment Happiness process which is fine tuned to ensure that your criteria are always top of mind.

13 steps to recruitment happiness

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