Marco Pin – Your personal support guru

Born in Sydney, I soon moved to Europe with my family. I lived between London, Venice, Munich and Barcelona thanks to my dad’s travel business.

When I graduated from school, I found myself unsure of what to do with my life. The only direction was from my parents who had given me no choice but to go to university. I decided to do my double-degree in Sport Management and International Studies which would allow me to follow two of my greatest passions in life – football and Italy!

Studying my degree at university didn’t give me the skills I wanted… but it did allow me to spend a year on exchange in Bologna, Italy. It was probably the best year of my life. I met my partner there, I travelled around Europe and I fell in love with a city that offered a fantastic young vibe, a rich culture and the best food in Italy!”

Upon graduating from University, I once again found myself unsure of what to do. After looking around, I eventually found an internship with Football Federation Australia before becoming employed there. But the travel bug had not been cured and soon enough I left Australia again for my happy place – Bologna.

Purely as a means to support myself, I began teaching English as a second language – having thought that it would not really suit me. As it turned out, I absolutely loved teaching. I was able to work with four-year-olds all the way to seventy-year-olds and it allowed me to speak to different people about many different things on a daily basis. It was nice just being able to help people gain a new skill and see that development take place.”

As with all good things, my time in Bologna came to an end and I came to Australia seeking greener pastures. Very quickly I found an opportunity working as an independent contractor in the sales and marketing industry. Once again I was able to speak to people on a daily basis and enjoyed what to me was a novel approach to life. After 18 months in sales, I took a position with one of the companies I was contracted to as a business development manager. In this roll I was able to grow three campaigns from scratch. In order to sustain the growth of the campaigns I needed to fuel the recruitment component of the business. I genuinely enjoyed finding contractors for each of the campaigns, helping with the logistics and supporting everyone from behind the scenes. I managed to get my head around it quickly and it was something I felt I was good at!

Why Recruitment?

In many ways it just makes sense to me. It allows us to use the people skills that we’ve gained from sales and marketing. We know we can also bring something different than traditional recruitment companies. More importantly though it’s another opportunity to help people whilst also helping businesses – we are the magnetic-force that brings people together and allows business to run smoothly!