Emily McLeod – Director

When we graduate from high school, our teachers, parents, friends and family expect us to know exactly what we want to do for the rest of our lives. What a daunting thought.

When I graduated, I was accepted into Architecture at the University of New South Wales to start the journey to my dream job. After 1 semester I transferred to Civil Engineering and then after 1 year in Engineering, realised that I definitely didn’t want to be an Engineer in 10 years’ time and concluded to spending time working in the “real world” to discover a suitable career journey to follow.

I joined Daniel’s (co-founder of Wow Recruitment) sales and marketing company in 2014 where I learnt how to build a business and spent the next 1.5 years learning the skills required to successfully lead and drive a sales team whilst learning how to recruit and retain talent. It was here that I discovered my passion for working with people and guiding them to achieve their version of success.

I then joined a recruitment agency in 2015 where I worked for 2 years. My time there taught me a great deal about leadership and integrity. It taught me that leadership is not about the title that you may have been given. Instead, it’s about the way you work even when no one is watching, the standards that you set for yourself, doing more than what is expected, and most importantly, making the people around you better as a result of your presence and then ensuring that impact lasts in your absence. It taught me many invaluable lessons around working with integrity and the influence this has on the lives of the people within the communities in which we are involved. This experience equipped me with the tools needed to successfully recruit temporary, contract and permanent roles within a range of different industries.

After previously leading and driving a sales team of 20-25 individuals and joining the crazy world of recruitment in 2015, I joined Wow Recruitment in June 2017.

Why recruitment?

I believe hiring great talent to be the most important step in ensuring an organisation’s success.
I utilise my experience and passion for empowering people to succeed in their chosen careers to effectively assist candidates on their career journeys and connect them with the most suitable job opportunities and employers.

As a naturally resourceful and organised person, I use these attributes to deliver high calibre and suitable candidates for every client. My determination and integrity allows me to forge meaningful client relationships and provide staffing solutions to clients without the stress.