Daniel Tonkin – Director

After completing my studies in engineering and after a short-lived career in the engineering field, I was fired from my job. Out of work and uninspired, I decided to go travelling which ended up with me in hospital from a motorbike accident in the Greek islands. After arriving back in Perth and spending a lot of time in hospital, I eventually stopped blaming the engineering industry, my friends, family and the people of Greece for my misfortunes and finally realised that it was me that had to change.

After reading 30 autobiographies in the space of 8 weeks, the change started to happen. After assessing all my options, I realised the only one that re-inspired me was entrepreneurship. The idea of creating something from nothing thrilled me and I knew I would never fire myself.

Incorporating my first company in August 2008 was an amazing achievement. After over-achieving in the sales and marketing industry across Australia over the last 10 years, we wanted to expand our opportunities. Opening a recruitment business has always been a must.

Why recruitment?

Despite the success I have had in my business, I felt so many great people weren’t always looking for a sales and marketing opportunity. Even if they were, I did not always have the range of opportunities available to retain the talent.