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The future of work

Our bread and butter as a Recruitment Agency started out in Sales and Marketing, but as is usually the case when you have good relationships and strong networks, over time we’ve expanded to become an Account Management, Digital, Retail, Tech, Business Support and Contact Centre recruiter, too.

With the world of employment changing constantly it’s a struggle for most businesses to keep up. How will today’s perfect candidate fit with where you want to be in the future? Is the workforce you’re recruiting today flexible enough to adapt and thrive tomorrow? We reduce that guesswork by diving deeper to project forward and future-proof your organisation.

Allow us to get to know you and you’ll find a difference in the quality of the candidates from the ones you’re used to seeing. That’s what the WOW way does for you. And what recruiting for tomorrow feels like.

WOW did we get here?

When we launched WOW back in 2017 we felt that the recruitment industry was losing its personal touch – with a shift to online relationships, client inboxes full of random CVs and disenchantment rising. It was becoming a numbers game – when it’s always been about people. We focused on 3 simple things; really understanding our clients’ needs, caring for our candidates and their situations and creating an inspiring place of work where great consultants wanted to be. Everyone liked this approach and we’ve grown through their word of mouth. Now recruiting for roles from Sydney to Salt Lake City – we’re still people who take the time to know people – and that’s the secret to recruitment happiness.

Ready to be recruitment happy?

We are experts in Sales, Marketing, Technology, Retail, Business Services and Contact Centre recruitment but through our expansive network we frequently find exceptional candidates in other areas. With our high level research, in-depth process and instinct for recruitment we’re comfortable taking on even the toughest of briefs.

The WOW way

Meet the WOWzers

Our team of specialist recruiters in Sydney are a vibrant, driven bunch who love what they do. We embrace their personalities, encourage their development and support their successes. With a blend of talent, hard work, curiosity, empathy and positivity – our people make WOW what it is.

Recruiting happy here, there and everywhere

Having consistently proved ourselves with clients here in Australia they started to spread the word about WOW overseas. Good news travels fast and we’re now delivering recruitment the WOW way across the Tasman and for clients in the U.S.

Different continent, same approach, same results.

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