Jaime Hevia on What It’s Really Like to Work at WOW

Posted on September 8 by WOW Recruitment

Jamie Hevia is our Candidate Experience Manager at WOW. A friendly fella who prides himself on his commitment and persistence, Jamie shares the reasons why he loves working with us.

Why Did You Choose to Work at WOW?

It’s the same reason I choose to walk into a store or eat at a particular restaurant – from the moment I stepped in, I felt welcomed and at ‘home’. The WOW team and office environment really allows you to be your best and most importantly, be yourself.

And I’d like to add that after two years with WOW, I’m not bored or stagnating. I’m excited about the future and seeing our business grow.

How Does WOW Differ from Other Agencies?

I don’t feel like a ‘number’. The company invests in me and there’s a genuine care and passion for my contributions. I happily chat about WOW at dinner parties which to me, is testimony that we stand out and do things differently.

Share 3 Things at WOW That Significantly Impact Your Recruitment Career

  1. My directors and team believe in me. This allows me to grow in my role and build a path to success.
  2. I’m inspired by our vision to aim for gold and always look at ways to improve and lead as a brand.
  3. WOW has an open-door environment. We all have the freedom and opportunity to reach out to anyone and contribute our ideas, and this encourages me to do so.

Share Any Comments You Have About WOW’s Training and Development Opportunities

It’s the perfect mix of plan and execution – there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into upskilling everyone. It’s executed well in many ways, one of which is that everyone has the opportunity to ‘catch up’, while being supported by the team. We also have a culture of knowledge sharing, so we benefit from each other’s experiences.

Share Any Comments You Have About WOW’s Culture

You could not get a more eclectic bunch of people who probably wouldn’t normally hang out together outside of work hours, yet it works! We have fun, we have different opinions, and everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves. I think it’s actually our difference that makes us a stronger team.

Share Any Comments You Have About Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion At WOW

As we’ve grown, the business has put extra focus on wellness. For example, I feel comfortable asking for time off without having to explain myself. There’s a strong care factor, and I feel I can share anything with my managers.

As for diversity and inclusion, we are a big melting pot of personalities and backgrounds. It’s certainly more diverse than any other environment I’ve worked in. While we’re all ‘WOWzers’ (our preferred name for our employees), that doesn’t mean we’re all cut by the same pair of scissors!


What It’s Really Like to Work at WOW | WOW Recruitment

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