Arzum and Allie – Riding the Success Train with WOW

Posted on September 8 by WOW Recruitment

Arzum Shahettin and Allie McPhee – two star WOW recruitment consultants – credit many of their achievements and improvements to WOW’s unique training programs. Here, they share how our 16-week induction program and our five step ‘WOW Way’ process primed them for success.

The Road to WOW

Arzum joined WOW in October 2019, coming from an agency that didn’t place a great deal of emphasis on inclusivity or developing a strong company culture.

“I felt like a cog in a machine and that I wasn’t making an impact, especially as the agency was so big. I started to doubt whether recruitment was the right pathway for me,” she says.

Allie – who joined WOW in October 2020 – had similar feelings.

“My previous role had me feeling burnt out and questioning my desire to continue in the recruitment industry long-term,” she explains.

Luckily for Arzum, she knew our co-founder Daniel Tonkin from a prior role and what a great mentor he was, so she was excited to climb aboard the WOW train. For Allie, the journey was a little less direct.

“I interviewed with a bunch of other recruitment agencies, but they appeared to be cookie cutters of my existing one. When I met with WOW, the alignment was just there. I could see and feel their difference and knew I could not only be successful, but be myself there too,” she says.

Discovering Our Ongoing 16-Week Program

Arzum admits that when she joined WOW in late 2019, our onboarding processes had scope for further development.

“Our founders recognised that there was a real opportunity to define ongoing training more clearly in the business with a focus on providing tools and frameworks that inspired consultant confidence. What followed was a huge undertaking to break down every aspect of the recruitment life cycle, and then put a process in place to optimise each one,” she says.

For newcomer Allie, it really hit the mark.

“Admittedly, at the start, the rapid growth curve had me feeling a little uncomfortable, but I soon saw the merits as I began hitting a few milestones, making more placements and increasing my billings. This boosted my confidence which naturally led to a consistency in my performance,” she says.

“WOW set me up for success from the get-go. In January 2021, we did a goal setting session in the first few days and set out all the goals for the year. This helped me to think bigger, especially as I had no experience with earning commissions or forecasting. Learning how to plan out my week and quarter was pretty life changing!” she laughs.

“I also appreciate WOW’s tailored approach to coaching. They took the time to find out what made me tick and then tied that to my training. We worked together to identify strengths and based on that, aligned me with a recruitment sector that gave me the best chance of success.”

Arzum benefitted from undertaking the training too.

“It was great for identifying my gaps and instilling confidence. The structures in place give space for autonomy and problem solving, and that’s really empowering for an employee,” she says.

WOW’s Unique 5 Step Process

Another key component in WOW’s employees’ success, is the ‘WOW way’ – a five step process that clearly defines how to conduct meetings with both clients and candidates, developed by co-founder Emily McLeod.

At her previous agency, Allie says there was no process in place for this.

“I’d sit in a meeting and struggle to articulate what my product was and how I stood out from other agencies. I really didn’t know what I was selling or how to explain our value proposition. I was just winging it a lot of the time,” she explains.

“The WOW five step process provides the structure I need to be able to walk into a client meeting and confidentially explain what WOW is as a brand and agency. But it also spills over into my day-to-day work too – I know exactly what I need to do to deliver results to my clients.”

For Arzum, it’s the client response that she loves the most.

“Clients are always so blown away! You come across as fully prepped, you’re confident and you know what you need to deliver. Their reactions make you feel so good,” she smiles.


Arzum and Allie – Riding the Success Train with WOW | WOW Recruitment

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