8 Steps to Appropriately Addressing Job Ads & Position Descriptions during COVID-19!

Posted on November 10 by WOW Recruitment

Let’s be honest, the market is pretty damn competitive right now for candidates so I thought I’d share some insights on how to shape your resume to match the role you’er applying for:

  1. Don’t “embellish” your credentials – i.e. Don’t lie… That leads to a bad fit down the road.
  2. Review and analyse the Job Ad or the Position Description – Make note of the job title, duties and responsibilities, specific requirements and location. Make the decision on whether you’re suitable or not.
  3. Note the keywords used (to navigate an ATS – applicant tracking system) – Many companies utilise applicant tracking systems that scan resumes for specific keywords regarding skillsets and types of degrees achieved. Oftentimes, you can find those keywords in the job description. After reviewing the Job Description to ensure you’re qualified for the role, pick our specific phrases that describe the type of candidate the company is looking for and then…
  4. Add the keywords to your resume – if you want the chance of landing the job, edit your resume to include the specific programs the employer is looking for.
  5. Update the professional summary on the top of your resume – It’s smart to update this part for each job because in some cases, it may be the only thing the hiring manager reads. If you can’t capture their interest in your professional summary, they may not bother with the rest of your resume. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s like reading the back cover of a book to see if you’d like it. Again, you don’t want to lie. That leads to a bad fit down the road. But you want to think about what it was in their job posting that intrigued you the most. Is it the job title or the chance for advancement? Be realistic about how this job would fit your career goals and then highlight those goals in your newly customised professional summary.
  6. Be specific – Generalisations won’t set you apart from the pack. You need to get specific. Try to include facts and figures with each description of your work experience.
  7. De-clutter your resume – You want your resume to be clear and concise and customised strategically for the hiring manager who sees it. That means that clearing away the non-important features so your main accomplishments can really shine.
  8. Focus on your skills that relate to the opportunity – Present your potential new employer with a highlight reel – what’s most relevant – rather than pages covering your whole career history. Pick the most important parts of your resume that you want to be known for, then shape it to match the job you’re applying for. You’re essentially identifying your most marketable strengths and exploring those options.

In a candidate heavy market during COVID-19, it’s essential that you put that extra bit of effort in to tailoring your resume for the job you want so you can stand out from the rest!

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8 Steps to Appropriately Addressing Job Ads | WOW Recruitment

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