How you can stay relevant in 2020 as a Recruiter

Posted on April 26 by WOW Recruitment

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Here are our thoughts on how you can stay relevant in 2020 as a Recruiter in the current economic climate.

Firstly, agencies need to adopt a new mentality in order for them to add value and here’s how;

Vulnerable connection and authenticity – Trust-based and relationship-based recruiting has never been more important. Shift your mindset to wanting to help wherever you can, take the time to build out your network, share info, empathise, feel, walk in your clients/candidates/consultants shoes, let them know you get it and find a way to connect with people.

Remember to call your clients, candidates and consultants and just check in on them. No one likes the friend that only calls when they need something so don’t be that person to your people. Call them and see how they’re coping, check in on how this may be impacting them and offer any advice or to simply be a sounding board for them.

Recruiters and recruitment agencies can be adding incredible value over this time to keep the workforce going and here’s how;

  • Develop and continue to grow your virtual workforce – Have candidates readily available who are happy to work from home. 
  • Have temporary workers available immediately – Shift your mindset to contractors and temps.
  • Educate people on virtual interview and online assessment technologies – Help them maintain a smooth recruitment process that minimises face to face contact whilst remaining personal and help them implement it on their side too.
  • Offer advice on people strategy – Even if it’s just to let them know what other companies are doing right now to look after their people.
  • Offer displacement support – We have created an interactive brochure that HR managers and line managers can share with their team if they need to make redundancies so that we can support them and offer them any guidance.
  • Offer career coaching – Whether it be resume writing / their LinkedIn profile / interviewing tips for your candidates.
  • Be there for candidates – Have open and honest conversations about the job market, give them advise wherever you can
  • Valuable online content – Think about how you can bring your community together or add value to your community online – i.e. podcast, webinar, blogs, educational LinkedIn content and/or social media. 

And lastly, remember to be human! We’re all in this together 🙂


How you can stay relevant in 2020 as a Recruiter | WOW Recruitment

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